I’m disappointed to see that The North East including Northumberland and Corbridge move in to Tier 4 from midnight tonight.
Case rates in the area have risen recently with Corbridge currently having the 6th highest number of positives from 67 Northumberland wards in the last 7 days.
We all have a responsibility to protect all our community as far as we can and our public health officials have said they believe tier 4 restrictions are required, so I can see why the decision has been taken.
I know many people will be disappointed including many of our business owners – many of whom are already closed and many more of whom will have to close tonight. We can just hope that with two vaccines approved the end of restrictions is in sight now for us all.
Tier 4 Restrictions CorbridgeThank you for all you have done and please, keep doing it. Wash hands – wear masks – keep your distance. Here’s a summary of the tier 4 restrictions.